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  26 July 2015


Severitas —  seriousness in self-control. Another word used in defining the Latin term, severitas, is 'rigor.' Rigor is not very popular among the masses in the U.S. now. There is talk about school curriculum needing more 'rigor.' Jean has said many times that it is mostly parents of 1st Generation Americans who really want 'rigor' in their child's classroom and studies. What is more often heard from parents is complaining because a teacher applying 'rigor' is "not fair." In fact, quite often the 'soccer mom' says "he/she always made good grades until they got to you in the 5th Grade." Thank God for teachers like Jean who insist upon introducing kids to the real world of academia. One that requires a level of research and scholarship, not just a pat on the head for showing up to class. Life, if lived well, requires 'rigor.' One's spiritual nature is refined and defined by 'rigor.' We must persevere in being loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, full of goodness, faithful to friends and tasks, and gentle.

j huffman

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