Advent Devotionals and Readings

Advent: the word means "coming" or "to come." The colors surrounding Advent are typically blue, purple, and pink or wine red. 

The Advent wreathe has traditionally held five candles. Four of the candles are placed in the outer circle of the wreathe with one candle being placed in the center.

The four outer candles each represent a different Sunday, or week, in Advent. Three of the candles are typically blue or purple with the 3rd week candle being pink or a shade of red (sometimes the color scheme is completely different such as three deep wine red and one purple or blue candle). In the center of the wreathe is the Christ candle, it is white.

The first Sunday of Advent sees the lighting of the first candle, the "Prophecy Candle." These prophecies are of His birth and Second Coming.

The second Sunday of Advent we light the second candle, the "Bethlehem Candle." This observes the preparations that go into the celebration of His birth and those necessary to be ready for His Second Coming.

The third Sunday of Advent we light the pink candle. This is the "Shepherd's Candle." We retell the wonderful story of how the shepherds shared God's Good News!

On the fourth Sunday of Advent the remaining purple candle is lighted. This is the "Angel's Candle." It represents God's loving, watchful care over us & heralds Jesus' Second Coming.

The "Christ's Candle" is lighted during the Christmas Eve Communion service. The Light of the World has come! This is what was called, in historic times, the "Christ's Mass" from which we get the name of our celebration - 'Christmas.'

Please click on the following links to read the Devotionals for each week of Advent.

1st Sunday of Advent: Luke 1:1-80

2nd Sunday of Advent: Matthew 1:18-25

3rd Sunday of Advent: Luke 2: 8-20

4th Sunday of Advent: Luke 2:1-52 & Acts 1.1-12

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